Reseller Program

As marketers and advertisers constantly depend on more and more on online marketing, traditional advertising and marketing agencies are having hard times adding more value to their products and save their associations by offering their customers with an integrated digital marketing solutions so that they completely control their professional associations.

Aventura Infotech, the best SEO Company in Delhi, has built many associations with different marketing organizations, from renowned names to conventional media companies, that are seeking for a reliable digital marketing associate to fulfill the requirements of customers as it offers SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, SEM and Link Building.

Our reseller program empowers non-digital firms and other interactive firms not possessing search engine marketing knowledge to offer the highest quality search engine optimization services to their customers. It is a win-win situation for both. The firm makes profit with a recurring billing process and the customer gets a wide ranging services that is surely give them the best results. The program presents an earning opportunity without making an extra effort for it.

Aventura's association plan meets the requirements of the below mentioned parts:

  • Customer retention.
  • Transparent transactions.
  • Associate with reputed trade pioneer.
  • Complete online marketing potentials.
  • Gets access to the state-of-art marketing technologies.
  • Efficient and updated processes.
  • Privacy maintained.

Customer retention

Save your customer associations and have a full control by presenting them with wide array of search engine marketing solutions. This would empower you to maintain long term relationships with your customers, offer more value as competitive distinguisher and improve revenue. Choosing a reseller associate that follows the ultimate ethical parameters is important to support your own reputation.

Associate with reliability and Proven track record

Joining hands with the best Delhi based SEO Company that has created benchmarks in the managing profitable campaigns that comprise of reputed names id one of the basic fundamental in developing enduring associations with your customers.

Complete online marketing potentials

The online marketing services comprise of SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay Per Click Management (PPC), Link Building, Website Promotion, Mobile Application Development and Website Designing Solutions.

Gets access to the state-of-art marketing technologies

Extent and tracking are the most essential factors in optimization services. Under our organization's reseller program, firms associating with Aventura would get access to the details offered by our experts of ROI enthusiasts and our specialized online marketing technology. Our expertise offers tracking even at the minutest level and detailed reporting. It allows our team to continuously optimize and improve customers' SEO campaigns for long lasting success.

Efficient and updated processes

Our team has the heading in working with firms and huge number of customers. Our methodical approach comprise of the following course:

  • New customer set-up/ initiate meetings.
  • Recommendations for costing and support.
  • Analysis for business development
  • New business con calls.
  • Robust account management
  • Detailed Campaign Reports
  • Supervisory Sponsor Tasks

Privacy maintained

Reliability is the key factor in a profitable association not only between the partner and the customer, but also offering absolute privacy to our associate firm on all clients, tactic plans and marketing.

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