Pay Per Click

Aventura Infotech takes pride to be recognized as one of the best PPC service provider in India. Each campaign is important to us and we make sure that it is innovative and unique, but the most important thing that it meets one of the following three types: CPA-Driven Campaigns, Click-Driven Campaigns, and ROI-Driven Campaigns.

CPA-Driven Campaigns – Predetermined cost-per-acquisition (CPA) standards are used in these for each campaign decision making. They suit the best for the companies who want to keep a track of conversions and have a smaller product range to display. While planning the concentration is on acquisition costs so that these campaigns can touch or go beyond the predefined yardsticks.

Click-Driven Campaigns – They are normally used for organizations that are not able to track conversions, or even if they can, then they are too meager and asymmetrical to depend on for any decision making for a particular campaign. A click driven tactic concentrates on enhancing the number of clicks obtained for each penny spent on online marketing. The objective is to amplify the number of clicks for a website without increasing the amount spent on advertising. As the traffic flow of a website improves, organizations have better opportunities to convert visitors into loyal customers.

ROI-Driven Campaigns – These are little more complicated ones. These campaigns best suit the companies that are not only keen to keep a track record of track conversions but also have wider product range to develop precise forecasting models. Aventura as the best PPC service company offers ROI-driven campaigns that are developed on the basis of computer simulations that are tested through different hypothetical changes in different variables that might affect one like keyword cost per click. We use these results to estimate a change that can affect any company’s bottom line. The main objective behind an ROI-driven campaign is to increase the sales and eventually the revenue of the organization.

Profitable Campaign Conception

There are a lot of companies that claim to be best PPC services provider, but the ones who are competent to deliver result-oriented campaigns with a detailed research and analysis surpass the others in the industry. This is what Aventura excels in and we structure your PPC campaign that will attract your target audience.

Effectual Keyword Targeting – We look out to identify the keywords that suit the most with your business goals and help you achieve the desired results without spending huge amounts. We analyze the competition and other relevant factors to ensure that you are getting the full returns on your investments.

Landing Page Choice – being one of the best PPC services provider, we realize the importance of a landing page while running your ads. We make all efforts to ensure that whenever an internet user clicks on your ad they are directed to an informative yet attractive landing page which offers an excellent call to action to convert them to loyal customers.

Writing Appealing Ads – One of the foremost criteria that should always be considered is how your ads are written. We make all efforts to write PPC ads that not only allure visitors to click on them, but also motivate them to perform further activities. Existing PPC Campaign Optimization

As a PPC service provider we believe that “if you have set it then work on it.” We constantly work to optimize you on-going campaigns so that they create new benchmarks by presenting the best clients at a higher ROI.

Detailed Testing of Ads – Our technically skilled experts constantly keep a check on the effectiveness of PPC campaigns to make sure they offer the highest degree of efficiency. We are always on our toes to set benchmarks for ourselves by continuously testing multiple ads.

Analyzing User Behavior – Customer behavior and trends help us conclude the efficiency of an ad and what all changes are required in to make a campaign success. We normally follow these analyses to check demographics of the clicks and how your ad can be modified to give you maximum benefit.

Monitoring Keyword Performance – You want ensure that your specified budget gives you desired results. We develop ROI objectives and change keyword bids accordingly on the basis of the performance of keywords that are getting the highest conversions.Detailed PPC Performance Report.

After being associated with your company as your PPC service provider we ensure that you are given a detailed performance report of your campaign. We think guessing suits the movies. Whether there are campaign changes, recent visitor trends, or some new data that we discovered during analysis, we keep you posted and a part of the campaign.

Search Consumed Insight – Our experts make sure that they provide you with the detailed insight into how your ad budget is consumed so that you have an idea what you should aim as returns.

Conversion Figures – By analyzing we let you know which keywords and ads are getting higher conversions for your business so that you can make furthermore qualified choices.

Statistics on Your Fingertips –You would be given an account through which you can access all information related to your PPC campaign.

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