Link Building

During the course of time Aventura Infotech, Delhi based SEO Company, realized that link building has lost its sheen. Search engines specially Google has been giving out algorithm updates on regular basis to make sure that created links developed for the sites are boosted through organic medium.

Apart from this, having inorganic links that are added to your blog and articles have far more devastating affect then having no back links at all. That’s why, Aventura, one of the pioneer online digital marketing companies, makes sure that the links created for our customers are never added on to the blog accounts or other such related sites.

Earlier, link building was just about creating keyword anchor texts in the content that were directed to the same optimization services offered by a SEO Company in Delhi. But with the updates given by Google has changed the complete link building strategies. Simply creating links targeting the content on your website might end up getting penalties for the website. After creating a lot many benchmarks in the field of online digital marketing, we put in lot of evaluation and assessment to find out the correct way to develop links to your website to get the maximum benefits. We make sure that you website comprises if the correct blend of call to action, precise match and branded anchor texts in the content.

Link Building Post Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird Updates By Google

In the past few months, building links has been further scrutinized by Google. The link creation has been primarily affected by two major updates, Panda and Penguin given the search engine jargon Google. Panda was an endeavor to bring down the number of users who were benefitting due to the automated nature of the online world. This update actually punished websites with copied, tattered, or irrelevant content. The change showed its affect on almost 12% of search results. Whereas Penguin was initially taken as an over-optimization penalty, but eventually it was as a larger adjustment made to the spam issues in the algorithms.

Aventura that made its mark among a lot of companies in the field of online digital marketing has overcome the big challenge came with both these updates. The technical experts innovatively create back links to enhance your rankings on SERPs and get the maximum benefit by increasing online visibility, brand reputation and better traffic flow to your website. Professionals develop natural links with the help of high quality original content.

Our experts can also assist you to get your website’s link profile in correct shape if any other organization was working on it. A lot of customers come to us with the hazardous link profiles. They faced these issues as their earlier Delhi based SEO Company failed to keep up with the guidelines laid down by Google and as a result the site was penalized.

We are experts and can easily fix these issues. Let our skilled team work for you and present the correct method of link building.

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