Email Marketing

Are you having hard time with client retention and loyalty? Unwanted question, correct? All of us could make use of higher return visitors to their website and there could be no complacent solution than targeted email marketing. Please make sure we are not talking about SPAM MAILS. We are offering you a solution that gives your traffic flow and clients an option to opt-in for and a value add on which would excite them not bother them.

Promotional Emails

Have you landed up in a situation where sometime back by mistake you subscribed to an organization’s promotional emails while buying their services or products through their website and one day you realize that it wasn’t a mistake? A lot many customers would say a big NO to it but there are a huge number of internet users who would extremely happy that they did it. Apart from this, people who had negative response would surely not buy any product from your site when they see an email in their inbox. In order to study the behavioral patterns of the receiver’s: some are happy to get these emails and some are not. The ones who don’t like them would definitely not even open it. The ones who like them would surely go to your site and look out for the exciting offers and products. There are a lot of factors that form basis for an effective promotional email that you should understand and how to increase its effect. We would just want our customers to know that email marketing is another interesting way to advertise and promote their services and products.


Newsletter is an effective tool that could give your prospective and existing customer information about some product or service they are looking for or might give them an insight into the industry happenings. You can even say it is a kind of a reminder. As you don’t want to be marked as a spammer, these newsletters have to be sent in a concealed way. And guess what? This concealment that you are offering information that’s of great use for your customers every time they get it. But it’s like sneaking into someone’s territory which is not right. The best part about sending out newsletters is that you can mix secret scheme with the innovative and informative content. Sounds interesting?

Does it serve the purpose?

Email Tracking and Optimization

As you know anything in the online world could be tracked, similarly emails could also be tracked to discover their effectiveness and depending on the outcome could be optimized to give you better results that are supported by analytical recommendations. We can provide you with the number of emails that were clicked, opened, number of times they were seen, duration for which they were seen, which links were clicked by users and what product or services was bought by the user after he clicked on a particular link. We also perform A/B test for email templates and campaigns by shooting them to sample data and analyzing which factors worked the finest for you. We offer the best insight and tools that can give you the highest return on your investment and make your email marketing campaign most effective.

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